Environmental policy

MARINA PORT FORUM, S.L. in its Port Forum Sant Adrià centre, hereby makes the following Environmental Policy Declaration, which is applicable to all the facilities and operations carried out in our port and which includes the commitment and general principles of our company concerning the environment.

We have undertaken the Commitment to carry out our activity while fully respecting and protecting the environment, improving continuously whenever possible our environmental techniques, practices and actions in order to collaborate with sustainable tourism.

We acknowledge our responsibilities towards the environment and establish the following as our General Principles:

  • To maintain permanent control in order to guarantee the fulfilment of the applicable environmental regulations and whenever possible to exceed the legal demands in place.
  • To promote the selective collection of waste generated by port users, to manage correctly any special waste generated and to minimise waste whenever posible.
  • To promote energy efficiency and to take suitable measures in order to reduce water consumption.
  • To deal correctly with spilled wastewater.
  • To control the water quality of the docks in order for the impact on the environment to be compatible…
  • To involve all the agents concerned with tasks related to improvements in respect for the environment:
    • To promote the participation of workers in environmental management and to train temporary workers.
    • To inform customers of the environmental status of the port and advise on good practice.
    • To inform suppliers of the commitment undertaken to the environment and provide training on any tasks involving them.
  • To manage communication with customers as an educational and promotional tool in respect for the environment.
  • To draw up an annual programme of objectives listing environmental goals.

Sant Adrià, January 2018


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