About us

The port on the diagonal

Port Fòrum, a modern port located at the top of Barcelona’s famous Diagonal Avenue. At only 15 minutes from the centre of Barcelona and just 20 minutes from the international airport, Port Fòrum is the perfect spot to enjoy the leisure, gastronomic and shopping opportunities Barcelona has on offer.

Built in 2003, the port extends over 375,000 m², with 3 clearly separated areas, which allows us to provide a more efficient and customised service tailored to each kind of vessel.

• The inner basin with 210 berths for vessels between 10 and 25 metres long.
• The external basin, with a separate walkway, with 31 berths for large vessels up to 80 metres long.
• And, lastly, 245 spaces for jet skis and motor boats up to 10 meters long at the dry marina. This space offers dry and indoor storage.

A port for a cosmopolitan city

Port Fòrum is an embodiment of the city’s innovating spirit.

Its first-class offer of services is complemented by its commitment to Barcelona’s seafaring tradition. This is why Port Fòrum makes part of its facilities and resources available to support young sportspeople and entrepreneurs.

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