Federico Waskman and Tomás Ruiz win the SOLO MED 2023 Regatta

The awards ceremony of the second edition of the Solo Med took place at the Barcelona International Sailing Center (BISC), located in Port Fòrum, yesterday. The Fundació Barcelona Capital Nàutica (FBCN) has actively participated in the organization of the competition together with the Base Mini Barcelona and the Club Nàutic de Sa Ràpita de Mallorca. Port Fòrum has been one of the sponsors of the regatta.

Federico Waksman was the undisputed winner of the race. The Uruguayan, trained at the Mini Barcelona Base, won both stages in the Proto category.

In the Series category, Tomás Ruiz with Suricate, won, followed by Nicoló Gamenara with the boat Kismet and Lisa Berguer with Mojo.

Of the 23 participating boats, 20 completed the race. For weather reasons, the start of the second leg was brought forward by 24 hours and changes were made to the course. Even so, a good part of the fleet encountered a storm with strong gusts of wind and also some lulls on the north coast of Mallorca and on arrival in Barcelona. Several of the participants managed to close the gap in the final leg and ended up with more equality than it seemed at first.

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